The Third Space: ACCLIMATE

Product Concept, Generative Research

A client project with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. My partner and I explored the prompt of a “third space” in relation to vehicles and portable/moving spaces. Through multiple stages of generative research, we developed a product concept relating to the topic of natural and artificial spaces, based on the manipulation of internal and external environmental factors.


ACCLIMATE incorporates a full vehicle system with automated functions as well as a manual user interface that allows for customization.



Introducing the “third space”

We began exploring the prompt through literature reviews of work, transportation, and lifestyle trend articles. Based on these, we narrowed down on changing work environments and perceptions of traditional work spaces.


Work Environments and Transportation

Literature reviews led us to the creation of our first research survey. We sent this out to 30 working professionals via Google Forms and gathered general information on ideal work environments and preferred transportation and commuting habits.


An individual’s work space

With knowledge on general preferences, we wanted to dive more in depth to see what people preferred and why. For the next phase, we designed a set of digital activities sent out to 16 working professionals across the US and interviewed them via phone.


Making a space

After conducting multiple phone interviews, we created a generative activity that was more hands on and in person. This two-part activity aimed to identify what affects comfortable work spaces and social spaces.

First, we asked individuals to build an ideal work space and immersed them in preset surrounding visuals and sounds imitating environments.


Second, we asked pairs to build an ideal social space and immersed them in surrounding visuals and sounds based on an environment of their choice.


Informing our final

Our research helped us understand that individuals wanted to stay connected to the external world. However, they still wanted “protection” from it — ability to control and customize elements and have options.