On-the-go Meal Experience


KitchenAid Meal Experience

Designing an on-the-go meal experience for kitchenaid

With increasing trends of packed lunches, the selection of portable and reusable containers grows. This design project is aimed at creating a new portable meal experience, analyzing user routines, patterns, and habits. This on-the-go product aligns with KitchenAid’s mission and brand image.


Research and persona development

To understand current user trends and pain points, I conducted interviews and task analysis with individuals who consistently pack lunches. I then developed a specific persona to guide my designs and focus on key objectives.



Designed function and features to create ideal meal experience fulfilling persona criteria. Visual language and aesthetic decisions made based on KitchenAid brand image.




I began ideating with sketches and explored a wide array of concepts. Some concepts are more developed with in depth sketches of closure and assembly. I also explored various volumes and potential forms.


After making some models of different ideas, I finalized my design concept and began refining form and volume.