Lawncare For Change


Husqvarna Lawn Care

Fertilizer storage designed to fit within sustainable lawn care system

In the age of sustainability, the demand for eco-friendly design is ever increasing. People are slowly converting their day to day routines and everyday gadgets to more environmentally conscious tools. My teammates and I were each tasked to design one product within a lawn care system — storage, dispenser, and water. Together, we created a sustainable system aimed to promote eco-friendly habits.


Persona Development

As a team, we created a persona to guide our system design. From this specific target audience, basic criteria was developed.


Brand Research

We researched our chosen brand, Husqvarna, looking at the brand’s general mission and history and also analyzed form to further guide our product form designs.


Product system

Our system is comprised of four products — fertilizer storage, fertilizer dispensing, and two watering systems.


System App

I created a basic prototype for our system’s app. The mobile app is designed to help track the system’s water and fertilizer usage as well as help users identify lawn size.


Individual product: storage

For my individual product, I was tasked with designing fertilizer storage. My product primarily interacts with fertilizer distribution. However, it considers multiple criteria of the system and works alongside other products as well.



Ideating sketches leading up to final concept and sketches of final concept refinement — incorporating brand image and form.


In process models to scale.


Final model made at 1/4 scale.