Lawn Care for Change

Product System, Mobile App

A group project aimed at designing a system of products in the context of lawn care. Working alongside three other students, we each designed an individual product that functioned in a larger system inspired by Husqvarna brand. Our system incorporates both physical and digital elements with sustainable and eco-friendly goals.


The lawn care system is made up of four parts: fertilizer storage, fertilizer distribution, and two watering solutions.


A mobile app ties the system together and enables the user to build eco-friendly and sustainable habits.


I was tasked with designing fertilizer storage. My product primarily interacts with fertilizer distribution. However, it considers multiple criteria of the system and works alongside other products as well.



For who?

We created a persona to guide our system design. From this specific target audience, basic criteria was developed.


How should we style it?

We researched our chosen brand, Husqvarna, analyzing the brand’s general mission and history as well as product forms to further guide our designs.


Let’s ideate

Sketches leading up to final concept and sketches of final concept refinement.


Make it 3D

Process models and renders. Final model 3D printed and finished at quarter scale.