Experimental Radio

Exploration of interactions through design of simple radio. Radios are a classic product with a standard set of functions. In this exercise, I explore a range of tangible interactions and work with electro-mechanical devices to create a fully functioning radio.


123 Fire Alarm

Fire alarm design for kindergarten classroom. Currently, there exists standard fire alarm designs consistent across various environments. This project aims to design an interaction and visual fit to one specific location — a kindergarten classroom.


Fabricated x 3

Design and crafting of artifacts with intent. In the creation of an object, some key considerations are form, material, function and fabrication. In this project, I created a design for three identical objects with various intents — one meant to be auctioned, one meant to be given to someone, and one meant to be kept for myself. I consider the purpose of creating an object and how the underlying intent of putting artifacts out into the world reflect its design.


Found & Formed

Comparison of natural to artificial form. Forms created by nature hold their own standards of beauty and perfection. In this two part exercise, I altered and shaped a found, natural form (deer antler) into an “artificial” form and then threaded it in colors and patterns corresponding to an endangered species. I explored object language, considering what could compel someone to investigate the form further, without detracting from the original form.


Book to Foot Table

Duo function book table design. Geometric form design — working with right angles and planar surfaces. Creation of balanced composition with consideration of secondary function and human interaction. Parameters of project:

  • Predetermined sized plank of wood (10" x 60" x 1")

  • Construction made of 4 wood pieces

  • Secondary function


Salad Tongs

Curvilinear form study. A pair of elegantly abstracted curvilinear forms that facilitate tossing and serving salad greens. Behavior, action, and body posture of the user as well as conversion from 2D shapes to 3D forms were all considered in creation of salad tongs. Parameters of project include:

  • Predetermined sized pieces of wood (10" x 3.375" x 2")

  • Only 4 cuts (2 on top face and 2 on side face)

  • Can only sand down 50% of edges after initial cut