Job search application designed for students

With heavy work loads and high school stress levels, the last thing college students need are time-consuming and inefficient job search processes. As current college students searching for internships and full time opportunities, my team and I have all had several negative experiences dealing with multiple different job search websites, repeated profile creations, and inefficient job search results. To tackle this problem, we decided to design a new job search app to simplify the process, in hopes that our solution can benefit not only ourselves, but also fellow students.


Initial concerns

After introducing our application idea and goal to fellow students and professors, we gained some feedback and concerns to consider.


journey mapping

Our app interface was inspired by shopping and dating apps like Romwe and Tinder. We wanted to incorporate lightweight and familiar interactions. To analyze their interfaces, we created journey maps.

We also analyzed two existing competitor websites/interfaces.


user research

For the user research portion of our app development, we began with general job search statistics through online literature research. We then sent out two surveys to students (applicants) and companies (recruiters).




Pages for profile creation and filter selection when first using app.


Pages for using app for job searching, saving and applying.