Mobile App, UX

A lightweight job search application designed by an interdisciplinary team of students for students. Inspired by our own experiences with job search platforms as well as our knowledge as students in the process of searching for job opportunities.


Efficient profile creation and filtering. Users are only required to input basic standard information. Filtering process is customizable and can be quick or in depth depending on user’s preferences.


Lightweight interactions based on shopping and online dating platforms.



Any concerns?

Initial feedback and concerns from students and professors after proposing project idea.


Shopping and dating… ?

We wanted to incorporate lightweight and familiar interactions so we based our app interface on shopping and dating apps. We created journey maps of a shopping and dating platform as well as two competitor job search platforms.


What the users want

We conducted multiple phases of user research. We began with online literature reviews and then sent out two surveys to students (applicants) and companies (recruiters).