Book Table


Book to Foot Table


Geometric form design — working with right angles and planar surfaces. Creation of balanced composition with consideration of secondary function and human interaction. Parameters of project:

  • Predetermined sized plank of wood (10" x 60" x 1")

  • Construction made of 4 wood pieces

  • Secondary function



I begin initial ideation sketches based on local architecture and structures. I analyzed shapes and construction of buildings to inspire book table designs.


form exploration and refinement

I continued to create 1/4 scale models to better analyze the 3D form based on design characteristics of directionality, movement, symmetry/asymmetry, composition, repetition/consistency, and cohesion. I also considered integration of a secondary function, focused on finding balance between creating a compelling, attractive form and functional book shelf.

Based on peer feedback and model iterations, I refined the final model, considering activity in all directions (x, y, z axis), incorporating more light and space/airiness, and using direction of wood grain as design element. I also edited the design to avoid potential construction issues.



Fabricated final model in wood shop. Underwent entire process from jointing and planing rough piece of wood to cutting on bandsaw and router to sanding final finish by hand.