Rachel Farn

Product and User Experience Designer

Hello! I’m currently in my senior year at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Product Design with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction.

With a strong foundation in human/user-centered design and a problem solving approach, my intent is to test the boundaries of user interactions and create new product experiences.

I enjoy exploring the intersection of physical and digital design; crafting digital experiences in a tangible world.

My previous experience includes a diverse set of environments and a range of products. I’ve collaborated among foreign and local designers with differing design approaches and among teammates with differing academic concentrations. My previous projects cover a range of mediums, shifting from physical objects to digital experiences.

I’m currently on the lookout for full time opportunities, but I also enjoy chatting about my experience and projects. If you’d like to chat anything design, shoot me an email! @rachelfarn32@gmail.com